About Us

Hock Shark Fin Restaurant first opened in 2002. Since then we have been in business for ten years straight. Continuing to serve only the finest shark fin dishes as always.

Brief History of Shark Fin Cuisine

The origins of the shark fin cuisine can be traced back to the Sung Dynasty of China (AD 968). It was created by the emperor who wanted to show his wealth and generousity to his banquet guests. It soon became the staple food of the Chinese cuisine, representing prosperity, and health and it is also commonly served at traditional dinner banquets and important occasions such as weddings, diplomatic meetings, and very important business dealings.

Today, shark fin cuisine has become more than a status symbol of class and nobility. To serve or to treat someone to the shark fin cuisine is an act of generosity because the shark fin cuisine is a delicacy and it represents prosperity and to treat someone to it means the sharing of wealth.

Our recipe

Our recipe is one of the original recipes from the emperor personal chef themselves. Directly inherited through generations upon generations. We deliver the exotic and the taste only worthy for the nobles of that ancient time to you!!